Developments in Asia


Regional Advisory Committee for Future Earth in Asia

An Advisory Committee for Future Earth in Asia was established in 2015 to accelerate the development of the strategy and structure for the Future Earth initiative to be implemented in Asia. The Committee's role is to be an effective advocate for Future Earth in their regions and to be an effective advocate for regional interests in the global Future Earth platform.

South Asia Regional Office of Future Earth

A South Asian Regional Office of Future Earth was convened in Bangalore, south India, in July 2016. The new Regional Office for South Asia has a domain that spans over the countries of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, Myanmar and a few Indian Ocean island nations. The Regional Office is hosted by the Divecha Centre for Climate Change (DCCC), Indian Institute of Science, and the Chairman of DCCC, Prof. S.K. Satheesh will serve as the Director of the Regional Office. The Office will play a key role in promoting solution-oriented research on environmental sustainability in the south Asian region.

Read the news release on the inauguration of the South Asian Regional Office for Future Earth.

Visit the website of  the South Asian Regional Office of Future Earth.

Networks in Asian Countries and regions

National and sub-regional networks are an essential part of Future Earth, acting as a hub of information, connections and engagement by developing diverse Future Earth networks in countries and sub-regions, and providing a practical perspective on Future Earth’s vision and research agenda for its implementation. National and sub-regional networks are formed in the following countries and regions in Asia and are emerging in Indonesia and New Zealand.

Future Earth Research Programs in Asia

Sustainability Initiative in the Marginal Seas of South and East Asia(SIMSEA)

SIMSEA is a programme developed in Asia to meet the needs for transformative change towards global sustainability in Asia and the Pacific. SIMSEA will promote the development of an international alliance of scientists working together to generate policy- and community-relevant knowledge towards sustainability of the marginal seas of South and East Asia. SIMSEA is endorsed by Future Earth as one of its regional activities. The node is hosted by the Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines, Quezon City, the Philippines. SIMSEA works towards the vision of  “Resilient Seas and Nations” focusing on:

  • Sustainable fisheries
  • Conservation of marine biodiversity
  • Adaptation to climate change
  • Blue economy
  • Nations with ocean literacy
  • Healthy seas for human well-being
  • Appropriate governance 

Read the news release on Future Earth in Asia welcoming SIMSEA as a new member.


Monsoon Asia Integrated Research for Sustainability – Future Earth (MAIRS-FE)

MAIRS-FE is one of the Future Earth Global Research Projects focused on the Asia Monsoon Region. Bearing in mind the foundation laid by former MAIRS (Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study) over the last decade as well as the evolution of the research environment related to sustainability, it was agreed that the Program is renewed as MAIRS-FE with the following initial research priorities: 

  • Resilience to climate-related natural disasters
  • Human health in monsoon Asia
  • Water, energy and food nexus.

MAIRS-FE will continue to commit to cross-cutting global change issues related to the unique Asian monsoon climate and topography, and develop links across the diverse cultures and societies of Asia. The International Project Office is based in Peking University, Beijing and a Regional Project Office in the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, which hosts the South Asian Regional Office for Future Earth.

Read the news release on the signing of the memorandum of understanding between Future Earth and MAIRS-FE.