Circular Economy Open Forum


Join us for the open forum on how to plan for a Circular Economy transition that is equitable, inclusive, and more environmentally sound – especially to climate change.

The Open Forum will discuss how the world will likely transform after the crisis of COVID-19.  The Circular Economy and its many practices and principles may be primed for adoption and improvement in Post COVID-19 world.   If we look a little further down the road, might there be emerging a window of opportunity to alter the trajectory of global development concerning the circular economy so that it can become more equitable, inclusive, and environmentally sound?

We invite you to join us for an open forum on how to plan for a Circular Economy transition that is equitable, inclusive and more environmentally sound – especially concerning climate change.

When: May 13, Wednesday, 2020 (~90-120 minutes)

New York
San Francisco
21:00 (9 pm)
20:00 (8 pm)
14:00 (2 pm)
13:00 (1 pm)
8:00 (8 am)
5:00 (5 am)



Over the past few months, we have justifiably focused on the public health dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic which has already been dire in some countries and is likely to become more challenging as it continues its march around the world. We extend our deepest sympathy to colleagues on the frontlines of the outbreak, to people who have suffered losses, and to everyone subjected to profound disruption.

As the COVID-19 pandemic touches every aspect of modern society, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the slowdowns and shutdowns may inadvertently enable us to shape a new conception of prosperity and good livelihood. We may even come out of this unfortunate episode with renewed fortitude and commitment to work toward the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – within an umbrella we have called the Circular Economy. And since we are all living through this unique moment, observing the responses by government, businesses, and ordinary people, it marks an opportune time to explore if these changes can provide leverage points for opening pathways to new developments that can help transform the Circular Economy principles into considering issues such as social justice, vulnerable population concerns, diversity, and climate change. Points of departure for this conversation might include:

  • Planetary Thinking: Climate Action and the Circular Economy
  • Technology for/against the Circular Economy
  • Whose Circular Economy? Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice

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NOTE: The Forum will be recorded via both Zoom and a YouTube Livestream; your registration for this Forum indicates your consent to be recorded. The recording will be available to both the organizers as well as registered participants, to facilitate coordination on next steps for publications or proposals that might emerge from this conversation.

We have identified a number of longer-term potential outcomes from this initial discussion Forum. These potential outcomes will include edited books and peer-reviewed journal special issues.  Next steps will conclude the discussion.

Details on the Zoom and YouTube information will be communicated by May 11 to those who have RSVPed.

The Open Forum will be organized by the Future Earth SSCP KAN, The Greening of Industry Network, International Forum on Sustainable Value Chains, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.